Being Here Between
Unreachable Places 

Being Here Between Unreachable Places is a collection of works which use photography as a means to understand chronic illness. Illness is an interruption. In its malfunction, the body becomes unfamiliar to the person inhabiting it.


Inspired by art therapy techniques, phenomenology, and modernist notions of the revolutionary nature of art, this project examines the relationship between light, the image, and the body.


Cyanotype chemistry  is used experimentally with X-ray images and analogue film, as a photographic negative, positive or print. A traditional photographic process which requires sunlight, the cyanotype is central to these works for its lengthy development time, its liquid form and its distinct colour. Being Here Between Unreachable Places bridges the medical and the personal; the external and internal; visibility and invisibility; the photographic and the physical. 


© 2020 Megan Daly.